What I Do

Clients come to me to help them build their personal brand to elevate their recognition and credibility in their business or professional niche. The reason they do this is to attract more clients and accelerate expansion of their business.

One of our companies, The Dicks + Nanton Branding Agency does this by helping our client position their personal brand in a way that accentuates their talent and skills. We then use our proprietary methods of PRMarketing to build their credibility and celebrity status as the “go to” person in their particular niche.

Over a 38 year business career I have learned that, “People Buy People”. That means that no matter how large or small a company is, a client or customer ultimately chooses to buy from it because of a person. The decision may be based on the reputation of the founder, CEO, or the customer service representative who solves their problems. The more you can make a personal connection, the stronger your relationship with your customer will be and the less likely your product or service will be viewed as a commodity that can be purchased from anyone, anywhere. This may even be more important for entrepreneurs and professional practices, where the person is the heart and soul of the company.

Currently, we serve clients across the nation and in 15 countries worldwide. After we have helped develop the clients personal brand position, we solidify the personality branding process through media credentials. This is done by creating a series of appearances on major media affiliates such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. We also use a print campaign and get our clients quoted in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. Finally, we help our clients become Best-Selling Authors, which immediately elevates their status in the business or professional niche they are in.

While our branding process isn’t an overnight process, things start to happen rather quickly and we accelerate the process by teaching our clients how to insert the media credentials we procure for them into all of their communications with prospects and customers in order to gain Celebrity status. We all love our favorite celebrities and this is true with celebrity entrepreneurs and professionals as well. As the connection between the business and the client becomes stronger, it becomes exponentially more difficult for a competitor to come and take your clients away based on price. Price shopping the competition always becomes less important to your prospects and clients after we begin working on your business than it was before our branding process began.

If you have any questions about what we do, please contact Lisa, my administrative assistant for over 20 years, and she will arrange a conference call to discuss your particular situation. You can reach Lisa by emailing LKepics@DicksNanton.com or by caller her direct line at 1-800-980-1626.