What Fishing Teaches You About Making Money In Your Business

by: JW Dicks

When you are fishing and they aren’t biting you have two basic choices.  You can keep doing what you are doing and likely get the same results  or you can start making changes to your fishing and see what works.

There are several things you can do to “test” what might work.  You can change your bait, change locations or as my father always said, “change the way you hold your mouth.”  The one thing you shouldn’t do is change everything all at once.  If you do, you might catch more fish but you won’t have learned anything worthwhile that you can use again.

Marketing, in this case, is a lot like fishing.  If you have a product or service and the marketing you are doing isn’t working then you need to start testing different techniques to see what works to make the sales you need to be successful.  In fact, if the truth be told, the people that make the most money with the sale of a product are the ones that test the most.

 You can test:
 1)  Media
 2)  Sales Presentation
 3)  Headlines
 4)  Specific Offers
 5)  Bonus
 6)  Price

Of course there are more areas than just the ones listed above that you can test and each new test gives you more information about your target market, what they want and how much they are willing to pay.  Once you find a specific marketing formula that works, and is profitable by the standards you set, you have a working “control product.”  At that point, as long as your profit ratio numbers hold, you rollout the marketing spending as much money as you can and as fast as you can

What else can you do?

Keep testing.  Just like the fisherman that keeps one line out with different bait than the rest of his poles, you as a marketer should keep testing against your control.  At some point something may change and work even better than your main plan and at that point you have a new control to use.

Bottom line… keep fishing… keep testing…. and keep making money!