Tampa Bay Buccaneers Correct Mistake

The Tampa Bay Bucs just fired their Coach, John Gruden and General Manager Bruce Allen. This surprise move was right after awarding both men a 4-year contract extension last year.

Malcolm Glazer, the franchise President, explained that every year at the end of the season the family sits down and reviews where they are and what changes they need to make. Once they decide they make the decision.

The BizIdea Lesson: It isn’t easy to override a big decision you have made in the past; especially, when it is going to cost you big bucks and cause a stir of second guessers in the high media world of professional football. But, kudos to them for doing what they think is right. We all make decisions we later regret but the important thing to do is to not get caught up in the emotion and make the tough decision.  It is also important to note that the Glazer family makes it a point to review its business at the same time every year. I think that it’s also something to incorporate in your business. We try to review ours at the end of each year because that is as close to a season end as we have. Whatever the date you pick it can be a rewarding and important time if you are prepared to make the tough choices.