Seasonal Promotions Boost Sales

by: JW Dicks 

Labor Day is just around the corner so it is time to plan your “seasonal tie-in” marketing strategy.

It has been proven that customers are more in tune to promotions when they relate to a holiday or special event and while Labor Day is not as special as it used to be, it would be a mistake not to use it as a tie in to your promotions.

Since Labor Day doesn’t usually have emotional ties to it you can use humor in the promotion as well .People don’t usually like humor with serious holidays like Christmas but you’re safe with Labor Day.  Humor also increases interest and since there is not a great deal of chance someone will get mad at you for making a little fun of Labor Day, mixing the “tie- in” tool and humor can work well.

Humor for labor day could be in the form of a picture …maybe you sitting back in a lounge chair talking about how hard you are working on Labor day and are offering a special on your web site to all those who are having a little extra free time. Another possibility is just to point out you don’t know why they call it Labor day since no one works and then go on to offer your customers a special.

Now that you know I am not very funny, just remember that you don’t have to be either. What you do have to do is to keep staying in touch with your customer and offering them fun friendly ways to do business with you. Do that often and you will be rewarded with business. It seems simple but we often forget.

Now I think I will take a little Labor break…