President Obama’s Email List Worth Hundreds of Millions!

I have to tell you I am more than a little disappointed in President Obama’s decision to turn over his email list to what will be a marketing machine for the entire Democratic party, but the importance of that list emphases the value of building your own.

For the first time in history a candidate amassed a list of 13 million emails and knew how to use it to raise more money than any other candidate has ever imagined. If that wasn’t a product sale I don’t know what is. In fact, his entire campaign should be studied in marketing classes as a classic case in product marketing.

While the email list and database you create may not hit the numbers his has, it is the importance of the information itself that we want to focus on. Now, more than ever, consumers are voting with their dollars. The votes (dollars) are going to the candidates (stores and service providers) they believe in. Trust, combined with service and value are what these voters want and if you deliver it, they will come to you over your competition.

Two BizIdea points: Build your list and start now. Be loyal to your list and provide the message and benefits the members seek in the industry you serve. Do these two things and you will be rewarded as the President was.