Ideas for Money

As our world continues to shrink, many of our clients are discovering that the ideas that make them money in local markets can be expanded to make them a small fortune in the national market.

 For years, the success of taking a good idea, systemizing, and expanding it nationally has been with us through the franchise model.  The problem with franchising in many cases is the cost of bricks-and-mortar locations where the products or services are sold.  The added expense due to considerable overhead makes profit margins frequently smaller than expected.

 Licensing is the new way ideas are monetized in today’s current environment.  The license is often centered on either a concept or a marketing plan that can be taken advantage of in many locations.  You can make money on the resale of a successful advertisement developed for your business by licensing it to businesses in other areas of the country for use in their area.

 For example, a client of ours has developed a series of television ads that are used to attract calls from people interested in selling their homes.  Whenever he runs these ads, people call in, wanting to sell their property.  Based on a preset screening criteria, he is able to qualify the seller and the property as being one that he is interested in purchasing. 

 This series of advertisements is very successful for him as a local investor.  However, because he is not interested in buying properties outside of his geographical area, he licenses the same advertising campaign to other investors throughout the country.  He shows other investors the way to use the advertisement to get the best results.  He also shows them when and where to place the ads to produce the greatest return on the dollar invested.

 From a financial standpoint, the beauty of the process is that he has very little overhead other than the original cost of putting the program together and the marketing cost to find new investors.  Once he finds an interested real estate investor, the prospect pays a license to use the advertisements, and pay him both an upfront fee and a continuing royalty.  As long as the ads continue to get a response, our client has a product that earns regular monthly income.

 In the personal training and fitness arena, many personal trainers are excellent at what they do, but are not as good at knowing how to market their services to others. Our client developed a series of marketing, letters, and promotions that produce a consistent stream of clients to personal trainers.  Trainers are an easy niche across the country because many subscribe to the same trade magazines and are members of the personal training associations.

  Our client focuses his efforts on finding these personal trainers and selling them his successful marketing system.  As in our first example, the client sells the system through a licensed program, which gives him an upfront fee as well as a monthly residual income for the continued use of the system.  If the trainer stops paying the monthly continuity fee to our client, the trainer is barred from using the marketing system, and our client resells the territory to another fitness instructor.

 Think about it for a moment: What idea, marketing plan, or business system do you successfully run in your local area that could be duplicated in any other city in America?  If you have such a program, now is the time to take advantage of it before someone else sells the same idea to others.  You may, at this very moment, have a fortune lying at your feet!