Personal Branding: Make it Fun!

Personal branding is great business. A powerful personal brand offers a variety of benefits to a business owner—including the ability to lock out competitors, charge premium rates, and still bring in all the business he or she can handle. But beyond the financial incentives, there is another reason that I love personal branding: because it can be a whole lot of fun.
Think about some of the business owners that have built up powerful personal brands—people like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and even Donald Trump.

Richard Branson is the CEO of the Virgin brand, which includes an airline, a record label, and a whole lot more. But that isn’t why most of us have heard of him. No, he’s famous for his outrageous stunts and antics. From skydiving to circumnavigating the globe, Branson has generated headlines and publicity for his business just by being himself… and having fun.

Mark Cuban is a billionaire, but few know how he made his money. Instead, the public knows him as a fun-loving sports fan. He bought the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and has been involved in a number of additional sports-related ventures. He regularly appears on a variety TV shows. Once again, he’s built an incredibly powerful personal brand… just by being himself and having fun.

Donald Trump earned millions through savvy investments—but it is his unique personality and love of the spotlight that has turned him into a household name. From appearing on reality TV shows to designing outrageous skyscrapers and casinos, Trump has parlayed his strong personality into a powerful personal brand.

Now, you may never appear on reality TV show. (Heck, many of us wouldn’t even want to.) But your personality and your ability to have fun is still essential to building an appealing personal brand. Your audience needs a reason to remember you—and letting them glimpse your lifestyle and your personality is a great way to do that.

For instance, if you are an avid outdoorsman, share your adventures with your audience. Tweet about recent hunting trips. Use services like Instagram and Facebook to share pictures of your latest adventures. Write about your experiences on your blog. You will enjoy doing this, of course—but the key is that your audience will pay attention. Even if many of your customers or potential customers aren’t big fans of the outdoors, they will appreciate that they have been able to get to know the “real” you. And you will have given them something to remember you by—instead of being just another faceless business owner.

If your personal branding efforts are boring, you are doing it wrong. An effective personal brand showcases your personality, as well as your professional strengths. For a brand to resonate with an audience, it must be authentic—and there are few better ways to create an authentic brand than to let your audience see you having fun. Personal branding is good business, but it’s more than just business. Make it fun!