You Don’t Have to be an “Extrovert” to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

There is a misconception out there that in order to build an effective personal brand, a business owner must be an extrovert. From time to time, I’m approached by an individual who sincerely believes that the right personal branding strategy could turn his or her business around, but simply “doesn’t have the right personality for it.”

The truth is that every business owner has the opportunity to leverage their personal brand in order to build their business… whether or not they’re a classic extrovert.
While certain elements of a branding strategy, such as public speaking, may be easier for someone who loves being in front of an audience, there are many parts of the branding process that actually favor more introverted individuals.

For instance, introverts often tend to be better listeners than extroverts, though this is obviously a generalization. Those listening skills can be invaluable when it comes to person-to-person networking. There is a shortage of great listeners in the world, and a business owner who has the ability to truly listen to customers, colleagues, and other professionals has a significant advantage.

Dynamic personalities like Donald Trump or Oprah are often cited as individuals who are particularly skilled at personal branding—and the fact that they both have “larger than life” personas scares many business owners when they think about branding. But the truth is that for every Donald Trump, there is a Bill Gates—quiet, humble, and incredibly well respected by peers and competitors alike.

The key is to understand this: personal branding doesn’t mean turning you into something that you aren’t. Personal branding is the process of leveraging your personality and your strengths to create a memorable and valuable brand. If you’re extroverted, great—you can work with that! And the same is true if you’re naturally introverted.
Every business owner is unique—we all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. A good personal branding strategy doesn’t try to turn you into something you aren’t… a good branding strategy leverages your strengths and defines your personality. And that’s true whether you’re an extrovert… or not!