What’s Your Personal Brand… and What Should it Be?

I’ve heard many business owners say things like “I don’t have a brand!”

But everyone has a personal brand… whether they realize it or not. Your brand is simply the collection of thoughts and ideas that others associate with you.

So today, let’s take a few moments and run a test… so that you can identify your personal brand.

Create a short questionnaire and share it with customers and colleagues. Ask the following: (if you’re not comfortable asking them, do your best to answer them honestly from their perspective.)

1) Describe my personality in three words.
2) What are my most valuable skills?
3) When you hear my name, what single word comes to mind first?
4) What makes me different from everyone else?
5) Describe my attitude in one word.

Once you’ve tabulated your results, you’ll have a great idea of your personal brand. Do make sure you have a decent sample size— I would recommend 20 completed questionnaires.

Are you happy with your brand? Great—now you need to leverage it for the best possible results. If your brand needs work, don’t worry, it’s never too late to create a strong personal brand!

So how do you determine what your brand should be? The question to ask yourself is “what do I want to be known for?” When potential clients are exposed to your brand for the first time, what do you want them to see? Maybe you want to be known as friendly, trustworthy, and dependable. Maybe you want to be known as an elite professional, successful and sophisticated. Your personality plays an essential role in defining your brand—do you have a great sense of humor? Or maybe you’re proud of your laser-like focus. By now you should see a theme emerging. You should be able to identify the primary attributes that you want to be known for. That’s the core of your brand. Branding can be more than just your professional life, however. Are you a family man? Actively involved in your community? A devoted spouse? These elements of your personal life play an important part in defining your brand. Take this information, think hard about what you want to be known for, and distill it down to a handful of words. That’s the personal brand you need to create!