Using Twitter to Develop Your Personal Brand

Five years ago, if you told me that I would spend time each month “tweeting” I would have thought you were crazy. Today, most people are aware of the power of Twitter for networking, website promotion and communicating… but have you thought about the impact Twitter could have on your personal brand? Twitter is an ideal format for personal branding—users have the ability to choose a color scheme, upload a picture, and send messages to an unlimited number of followers. Below are five tips to get you started:

1) Think about your layout. Your profile doesn’t have to be a great work of art, but it does need to be consistent with your personal brand. Choose a picture that shows you at your best. Resist the urge to use a company logo or some other image—it’s important for your followers to see your face. When it comes to the colors of your profile, try to use the same colors as you have on your website, blog or other branding materials.

2) Engage experts in your field. Follow experts in your field and look for opportunities to contribute to their conversations. If they reply to you, you can bet that many of their followers will follow you. This will give you instant credibility.

3) Don’t self promote—too much. Many experts suggest that no more than 20% of your tweets should be self promotion. More than that may make you look like a spammer—and that is not the brand any of us want to convey! In addition, even when you are promoting your blog posts, web site or special deals, make sure that you choose your words carefully. Twitter is not a place for an in-depth sales pitch.

4) Tweet at least once each day. You need to build relationships in order to convey your brand—and that takes more than two tweets per week. Tweets don’t have to be deep, meaningful statements, so don’t spend all day thinking about them. Just make sure that whatever you’re going to say represents your personal brand.

5) Let your personality shine through. Don’t be boring. Display your sense of humor! Share some opinions! You don’t want to be overly controversial, obviously, but an interesting opinion is a great way to catch the attention of your followers.