Personal Branding Strategies: Out of New Ideas? Check the Attic!

I recently read an amazing story about a family that was facing foreclosure. The house in question had been in the family for decades. As they were moving out of the house, due to impending foreclosure, they came across an extremely rare item.

The item they found was a copy of Action Comics #1. This comic book is famous because it is the first time that Superman was ever introduced! Can you imagine finding this? The even more incredible part of this story is that the comic book is worth over $250,000! The family was able to persuade the bank to give them some time. They have set the comic book up for auction and it will certainly save their house. Amazing! (You can read the story here:

So what does this have to do with business growth and personal branding? This family had completely run out of options… they were stuck. Many of us have been in this position with our business. Now, you may not have been on the verge of closing up shop, but were you stuck on a plateau? Was your business just not growing? Had you run out of ideas?

When was the last time that you stopped to think about all of those ideas that you once had, but had just stuck in the “attic?” Maybe when you started your business, you had a certain direction in mind, and just got sidetracked. Perhaps other opportunities came about and were easier or more lucrative to pursue.

Well, if you’re ever in that place where you feel stuck, why not pull those old ideas out of the “attic” and see if they can fit into the business that you have built. It might just be the perfect idea to stimulate a new marketing campaign or business strategy. Maybe it will help you reach a certain niche within your client base.

Even better, it might be that certain something that compliments your personal branding strategy and sets you apart from your competition.