Personal Branding Secrets: What Can We Learn from the Super Bowl Ads?

The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching, and for millions of Americans, the excitement is as much about the commercials as it is for the game itself. And who can blame them—the Super Bowl has become legendary for the creative and often hilarious ads that premiere between breaks in the game action. And granted, as a small business you’re probably not planning to shell out millions for a 30 second spot… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention. Because the truth is, there is a lot to be learned about personal branding from the Super Bowl Commercials. Below is a short list:

1) A good Super Bowl commercial (and a good personal brand) is memorable. More than anything else, it seems that the goal most Super Bowl ad producers have is to be the most talked-about ad the next day. Advertisers go to incredible lengths to be memorable- whether that means being humorous, poignant, or shocking. As a business owner, you should do the same with your brand. If it’s not memorable, it’s going to be forgotten. It really is that simple.

2) A good Super Bowl commercial (and a good personal brand) is relevant. It’s not enough that an ad is memorable—it must also be relevant. From time to time, we see brilliant Super Bowl ads that we can’t stop talking about… but we also can’t recall what the heck they are even advertising. That’s a disastrous outcome for an advertiser. As you’re creating your personal brand, remember that it must be relevant to what it is that you and your business provide.

3) A good Super Bowl commercial (and a good personal brand) is created with the target market in mind. Super Bowl advertisers know exactly who they are appealing to with each ad—whether it’s moms in their thirties, males under 25, or seniors. Their ads are created to appeal to that target market. Similarly, your brand must be created with your target market in mind. If you’re a retirement planner, for instance, your brand had better be appealing to seniors.

This year, when you gather around the TV with family and friends to watch the big game, pay special attention to the commercials. Ask yourself… is each ad memorable? Is it relevant to the brand it’s promoting? Does it speak to its target market? And then, think about how you can apply these concepts to your own brand. I’d love to hear what you think!