Personal Branding: It Takes Commitment

Most people, once they understand the value of a powerful personal brand, come to the conclusion that a strong brand would benefit their business. But for many of them, nothing changes. Why? Because personal branding, like most things in life, requires commitment and action. Desire alone isn’t enough.

The problem for many business owners is time. You can probably identify with this challenge—there’s already enough to do each day just to keep your business running smoothly. So how can you possibly dedicate time to personal branding? The answer is one word: systems. You need a system to keep you on track and ensure that you’re spending the necessary time focusing on your brand. For instance:

1) Schedule an hour, one day per week, to work on your blog. Some people like to do this first thing in the morning. Others like to do it during the evening or weekend. When you do it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re getting it done.

2) Make engaging on social media part of your morning routine. One of the first things you do each morning is check your email, right? Put “social media” on your to-do list in the same place. It only takes a few moments to log on to Twitter or LinkedIn and post something. Remember to look for opportunities to interact with others, as well.

3) Work on a book… using baby steps. The vast majority of business owners never seriously consider publishing a book, not because they don’t have anything to say… but because the process is so intimidating. But if you are willing to take baby steps, and work on writing it for a few hours each month, you will be surprised at how quickly it comes together.

4) Get out and network regularly. Some of you may be able to network on a weekly basis. For others, once a month is all you can handle. Whatever frequency you settle on, create system to keep you on track.

It’s also important to note that many of these systems can be executed by members of your team. If you don’t want to personally write blog entries or post on social media, delegate it to your team—but make sure they have system to ensure it gets done. Simply wanting a strong personal brand won’t get it done… you need to commit and create a system!