Personal Branding: Five Easy Ways to Strengthen Key Relationships

Relationships are critical to succeed in business. Relationships with your customers, with your employees, with your vendors, with fellow professionals… the list goes on.

There is one particular “type” of relationship that is very important as it relates to growing your business… and that is your relationship with referral sources, aka people who can send business your way!

Building strong relationships with key referral sources is an important way to grow your business. So to help you do so, today we’re going to cover five ways to strengthen these valuable relationships:

1) Don’t overextend yourself. There is only so much time in the day – and relationships take time. So don’t overdo it. It’s better to have ten strong relationships with great referral sources than to have one hundred “surface level” relationships.

2) Say thanks. Express your gratitude. Whether you’ve just received a great new client or a simple word of advice, let the individual know how much you appreciate it. In today’s digital age, one great way to stand out from the crowd is by writing a handwritten note and sticking it in the mail.

3) Don’t let months go by with no contact. It’s important to stay “top of mind” with referral sources, and you can’t do that without regular contact. Make a point to regularly stay in touch with key individuals—whether it’s a quick phone call, a lunch meeting, or perhaps attending a football game together.

4) Give gifts. Everyone likes receiving gifts. Many businesses send Christmas gifts to their clients, and this is a great idea. But perhaps even better, make it a habit to send birthday gifts to key individuals. That way, the gift won’t be overshadowed by the holiday craziness.

5) Look for opportunities to help. Finally, look for opportunities to give back! Whether that means using your expertise to solve a specific problem or simply providing advice and encouragement, make it a priority to “give back” to key individuals that have supported you. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it’s also good business!

Relationships are everything the world of business. These five tips will help you create stronger relationships and take your personal branding and marketing efforts to the next level! Contact me today if you’d like to learn more.