Personal Branding 101: The Power of Building Community

Relationships are an important facet of a strong personal brand. Strong relationships will not only help you to refine your brand, but they can also help you spread the word about your business. However, many business owners don’t realize this—and therefore, they do little to proactively build relationships. But pursuing relationships and creating community can make all the difference when it comes to growing your business. Below are three ways to do this.

1) Create a networking club. Sure, there are plenty of options out there already. But if you can identify a unique purpose or a cause that your group can rally around, you may be surprised at how easy it is to bring people out on a monthly basis. How does this help your business? It exposes you to a number of business owners on a consistent basis. By taking leadership, you are sending a strong message of confidence and competence. When a member, friend, or colleague stumbles across an individual that could use your products or services, you can bet that you will be the first person they think of.

2) Join a hobby group. Whether it is remote control airplanes, collecting stamps, or performing in a community theater, take the opportunity to connect with others that share your interests. The shared passion will allow you to quickly bond with other members, and as they get to know you, you’ll have the chance to communicate what you do and what makes you different. You never know which of these relationships will turn into a “gold mine” for your business—I’ve seen this type of thing happen time and time again!

3) Get involved in a local cause. Are you passionate about a local cause or charity? If there’s a group that already exists in support of this cause, join it! If not, take initiative and create one yourself. Not only are you working towards something you truly believe in, but you’re bonding with others who share your values. This is a great opportunity to communicate your brand while making a positive impact on the world around you.

When you think about personal branding, the word “community” may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But strong relationships are invaluable to your efforts to spread the word about your business and to build your personal brand. Don’t underestimate the power of community!