Personal Branding 101: Keep it Consistent

One of the challenges of personal branding is staying focused. As we’ve talked about in the past, an effective brand is focused on a small number of traits or qualities. When you think Lexus, you think “high quality, reliable cars.” If Lexus began offering a model at $12K, their brand would be destroyed. Imagine the impact on Apple’s brand if they began selling low quality laptops for $500. Or imagine if Subway began selling greasy hamburgers. In each of these cases, a strong, focused brand would be weakened by trying to do too much. The key to a strong brand is focus… and that goes for your personal brand as well. As you establish your personal branding habit, it is critical that you stay true to your brand!

As you build your branding habit, it is important to start by reviewing the traits and qualities that your brand consists of. These may include your personality, your passions, your unique products or services, or anything else that makes you different. Create a list of the key components to your personal brand—and then you can focus on driving them home consistently. The key here is focus. Each interaction that you have with a customer or prospect is an opportunity to broadcast your personal brand—and that means you have many, many opportunities on a daily basis to stray from the core of your brand. Do your best to avoid sending mixed messages—if your brand is upbeat and friendly, it’s important that you live out that brand when you meet with customers, prospects, and others in your market. Stay true to your brand in each and every interaction with the outside world.

The key to establishing your personal brand is consistency. Determine what you want your brand to stand for and resist the temptation to stray from these attributes. Focus on the core of your brand and drive it home… over and over and over. In time, you’ll have a personal brand that truly represents your business and places you in a separate category from all the competitors in your market.