Personal Branding 101: Five Reasons to Publish a Book

Personal branding is always the focus of these blog entries, and we’ve talked in depth about a wide variety of different approaches to the process of personal branding. But as I’ve said before, there’s one strategy that stands above most others in terms of creating a powerful brand, and that strategy is publishing a book. Many business owners are intimidated by the process because it sounds like an impossible amount of work—but it’s not! In fact, publishing a book may be one of the best investments you ever make. Below are five reasons why.

1) Instant credibility. Once you’ve published your book you’re no longer just an “ordinary Joe”… you’re an expert. Adding the words “published author” to your biography makes a huge difference in your perceived credibility.

2) A new channel to connect with your target market. Assuming you’ve written a book that provides value to your target market, you’ve opened up an entirely new channel by which to attract new business. Potential customers will discover your book on Amazon, hear about it from their friends, or come across it in a bookstore. If they like what they see, many times they’ll pick up the phone and give you a call.

3) Media exposure. Publishing your book opens up many opportunities for media exposure—from sending out press releases, to publishing excerpts in the newspaper, to appearing on TV promoting the book. Each of these opportunities represents a chance to connect with your target audience and further increase your credibility.

4) A big step toward CelebrityExpert® status. Our goal at the Celebrity Branding Agency is to help our clients become recognized experts within their industry and their market. And while there are many elements that go into this process, writing a book is arguably the most important step to achieve this goal.

5) Speaking opportunities. Once you’ve written a book, you’ve achieved expert credibility. And that credibility often means requests to speak to organizations, associations, and other industry groups. These speaking gigs in turn translate into further increased credibility and often new business.

If you’d like to learn more about the process of writing and publishing a book, please feel free to get in touch with us today!