Don’t Get Stale: How to Keep Your Personal Brand Fresh

Creating a strong personal brand is not something you do once. It’s not something that you ever “finish”, so to speak. In order for your personal brand to maintain its appeal, it is important that it is constantly evolving. A stale personal brand will get tossed aside like last year’s fashion lines, in order to make room for what’s new and exciting. In order to maintain top-of-mind awareness, your brand must stay fresh. Here are several ways you can make this happen:

Let your audience see you grow. Some business owners are reluctant to admit that they learn anything—because they don’t want to acknowledge that there was anything they didn’t know to begin with. Newsflash: nobody is buying that. We’re all human, we’re all learning every day, so don’t hide it! If you’re attending a conference or seminar, talk about it! If you just finished a great book, share your thoughts. Let your audience see you grow.

Tell your audience what’s new. Are you launching a new line of products or a new service? Share this information with your audience—whether that means tweeting about it, blogging about it, or referring to it at your next public speaking event. People are naturally attracted to movement, and the word “new” is very powerful. When you launch a new initiative, don’t keep it a secret!

Consider publically pursuing a new goal each year. Here’s an outside-the-box idea that may appeal to some of you: each year, find something new to pursue. It could be anything—from shaving 5 strokes off your golf score to reading a self-improvement book every week. Once you’ve settled on your goal, make it public! Write about it on your blog. Post about it on Facebook and on Twitter. Share your progress, good or bad. You’ll find that your audience becomes very interested—because again, as humans we are attracted to motion and to progress.

All three of these suggestions will help you keep your brand fresh—but this is by no means an exhaustive list! Think creatively, and I guarantee that you’ll come up with more ideas. As always, feel free to get in touch with me today if you’d like more information on this subject!