Branding Secrets: Consistency is Everything

There are many elements that go into building a powerful personal brand, but one of the most important is consistency. It is important to understand that branding, unlike some forms of marketing, is not about producing immediate results. If you run a department store and are trying to get people in the door for a sale you are running on Saturday, July 21, you have a specific short term goal. And your marketing will reflect that. You’ll run ads aiming to attract attention and drive consumers in the door. You’re not worried about consistency… you are concerned about a very specific short term objective.

When it comes to branding, that strategy won’t work. Instead, your goal is to establish your personal brand in the minds of your audience. For instance, my partner and I have worked hard to establish our brand as leaders in the field of personal branding. We didn’t do that by creating flashy, self-promoting billboards. Instead, we have spent years working to consistently broadcast our brand to our target audience.

Why is consistency so important? Think about it—in the world of politics, what is worse than being a “flip flopper”? It’s the same concept… if your brand doesn’t stand for something, it ends up standing for nothing. If you spend six months branding yourself as an investment guru, and then spend the next six months branding yourself as a cutting-edge marketing expert, you’re going to have a very confused audience. Ultimately, your brand can’t stand for anything if you aren’t consistent with it.

Now, the example I just gave was extreme. But the truth is that many business owners undermine their brand regularly by being inconsistent. Here are a few examples:

Business cards that don’t match the look and feel of your website.
Carrying yourself differently in person than you appear in commercials or online.
Using different biographical pictures across the internet. (It’s important to choose a picture and use it universally, wherever possible.)
Goods and services not living up to the promises you made while marketing.

This is a very short list, but you get the point. In order to build a powerful brand, it is critical that you stay consistent. Feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to learn more!