Three Ways to Leverage Your Brand through Direct Marketing

Many small business owners are suspicious of “branding”. They’ve read books and heard lectures explaining that branding is something for multi-million dollar corporations with huge budgets, but that small businesses should focus on trackable direct marketing. The problem with branding, some experts claim, is that it’s not trackable and doesn’t always produce results.

And while these are legitimate concerns, the truth is that branding enables a business or an individual to differentiate themselves from the competitors in their market. Without that differentiation, earning potential is very limited.

So what’s the answer? A combination—powerful branding leveraged through direct marketing campaigns. Below are three ways you can go about this:

1) A branded, conversion oriented website. In today’s world, a strong website is non-negotiable. And to stand out amongst the competition, it is critical that the website present a strong personal brand. Specifically, your website should establish you as an expert within your market. You can’t be one of many financial planners (or accountants, or dentists, or lawyers, etc) in your market—you need to brand yourself as the best! A strong website can do this effectively— and technology makes tracking your conversion rate, ROI, and other important statistics easy.

2) Brand-focused direct mailing. Of course, your website can only attract business when prospects visit—so how do you reach those that are not actively searching for your services? Direct mail can be an effective solution. Once again, the key is to give your audience a reason to choose your business over your competition. Personal branding allows you to answer this question effectively: customers should choose your business because you are the recognized expert within your industry and because you provide unparalleled value. Depending on your industry and your market, direct mail can be a very profitable way to communicate this message and expand your business.

3) Brand-building speeches and public events. Have you ever considered the potential of public speaking from a marketing standpoint? Not only can you create a “buzz” around your business and further establish your own credibility, but, assuming you are speaking to your target market, you can issue a compelling call to action to your audience. As you present the latest developments in your field of expertise, do your best to “hook” your audience. Offer to send them more information via email, and ask them to sign up before they leave the venue. If you plan this properly, you’ll end up with an email list of prime prospects for your business—and, considering it costs you nothing but your time to speak, your ROI will be astronomical.

Effective marketing does not merely transmit facts and figures to your market—effective branding gives them a reason to choose your practice, and it compels them to do so immediately. The “reason” you provide to your market essentially boils down to your personal brand. Taking a powerful brand and communicating it via direct marketing is a winning combination. Contact me today if you’d like to learn more!