Personal Branding: What’s the Big Picture?

Personal branding is great—but at the end of the day, nobody gets in to business because they want to establish themselves as a celebrity expert, or become memorable, or anything else along those lines.

The vast majority of business owners are in business for one simple reason: to make money!
And therefore, for personal branding to be a valuable pursuit, it must result in increased income.
Good news: it does. We wouldn’t be in business if it didn’t. Personal branding, properly integrated into your marketing plan, will result in more sales, better client retention, and ultimately, more income.

How can you effectively leverage your personal brand into your “big picture” marketing plan? Below are three steps:

1) Integrate your mass-media exposure into your direct marketing channels. At the Celebrity Branding Agency, one of the services we provide to our clients is helping them get exposure on TV and through major newspapers and magazines. But as you probably realize, appearing on a local TV affiliate may be great for your credibility, but it typically won’t result in a flood of phone calls—because only a tiny, tiny percentage of the TV audience are target customers. However, when you ARE marketing to your target customers (through your website, direct mailers, or whatever channel you may be using), incorporating your TV exposure into your pitch sends your credibility through the roof and gives you a much better chance to close the deal.

2) Tie your personal brand in to your website. Many websites these days have a “generic” feel to them. They may look great and have great content—but they often feel anonymous. This is a real problem, because one of the primary challenges of selling online is overcoming the cynicism that many online shoppers have developed. Incorporating your personal brand into your website gives it a personal appeal and makes your visitors much more likely to trust you and your business.

3) Create “raving fans” of your brand. Chances are, you know someone who is a devoted fan of Apple products. They own an iPad, an iPhone, and iMac—you name it, if it’s Apple, they own it. And they can’t stop talking about it! This is an extreme example of a raving fan—and it’s impossible to overstate the value of creating such fans of your brand. Raving fans generate authentic word of mouth referrals—and as a business owner, you know how valuable those are! If you can tie exceptional customer service and “WOW” moments into your brand, you’ll see your word of mouth referrals skyrocket.

At the end of the day, the key to bringing in more business and locking out the competition is to create a powerful and distinct personal brand for yourself—and then to leverage it effectively throughout your marketing presence. To learn more about creating and leveraging a powerful personal brand, please get in touch with us today!