Personal Branding 101: The Payoff

Building an effective personal brand takes work. It takes time, it takes commitment, and it often requires an investment of resources. But for the business owners who have the vision and the commitment to creating a powerful personal brand, the results can be incredible. I have had the pleasure of seeing business owners turn their companies around on the strength of their personal brand. We’ve seen business owners go from the edge of bankruptcy to a position of market leadership in an amazingly short period of time.

In short, personal branding works. A strong personal brand is the foundation that countless million-dollar businesses across the nation are built on. Here are three specific “payoffs” that a strong personal brand provides:

• Build credibility. If you’re a tax accountant, for instance, the last thing you want to do every time you come in contact with a potential client is have to convince them of your expertise. If you’ve built your personal brand right, you’ll be seen as an expert before you even meet for the first time. Your website, your staff, your marketing materials… everything works together to position YOU as the expert—so by the time you meet a client in person, your expert status is unquestioned. This is also incredibly important when it comes to referrals—other professionals don’t want to refer their clients to anyone but the best. A strong personal brand makes it clear that you are the go-to expert. And it means that you won’t have to work nearly as hard when it comes to getting new clients to sign on the dotted line!

• Charge higher prices and still win the business. If your car breaks down, you’re willing to pay a premium to have a highly qualified mechanic take a look at it. You’ll pay more for business advice from an established expert like Dan Kennedy or Brian Tracy than you will for advice from your father-in-law or your brother. That’s just a reality. Your personal brand creates a perception of yourself as an expert, and it puts you in position to command a premium price. And that is good news for every business owner!

• Be memorable. Think of a stereotypical accountant. Bland, and boring—completely forgettable. A strong personal brand creates exactly the opposite… a memorable persona. Whether it’s your intensity, your sense of humor, even the décor of your office—a strong personal brand stands out in the mind of everyone who encounters it. Such top-of-mind awareness is invaluable—it will result in more referrals and highly loyal clients. But you can’t stand out in the minds of your clients if you’re boring!

Personal branding is something that you do for fun, although it can be fun. It’s not a vanity project. It’s a sound investment in your business that will offer benefits for years to come. I’ve seen it happen, time and time again. If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to get in touch with us today!