Keys to Personal Branding Success, Part One

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What does it take to execute a successful personal branding campaign? As you can probably guess, that answer is long and fairly complicated. However, while there are too many details to discuss in this space, there are several important concepts which are essential to any personal branding effort. Today, we are going to focus on three key elements—stay tuned later this month for part two, which will feature three more essential elements.

A successful personal branding campaign builds credibility. The idea behind our personal branding strategy is to help business owners establish themselves as celebrity experts within their market. No, we aren’t trying to make them into international superstars like Justin Bieber or Johnny Depp. We are trying to make them experts within their market. For instance, we would help a real estate agent in Atlanta become THE sought-after, well-known real estate guru in that market. The first step in accomplishing this goal is to build credibility for the business owner—and there are many ways to accomplish this. We encourage (and help) our clients to write and publish a book. We help our clients appear on local TV broadcasts, and we help them publish work in such prestigious newspapers as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. We encourage our clients to speak publically on topics related to their areas of expertise. Establishing credibility is a critical first step in building a strong and dynamic personal brand.

A successful personal branding campaign boosts visibility. The strongest personal brand in the world won’t do you any good if nobody sees you. It’s not enough to position yourself as a celebrity expert—you need to develop an audience! We help our clients accomplish this through a variety of media channels, as mentioned above. We also help them to build a dynamic website—and to attract targeted traffic. We teach our clients effective social media strategies and help them to build relationships with target customers within their market.

A successful personal branding campaign has a strong appeal to your target market. If your personal brand is going to lead to business growth (and really, why else would you be interested in branding?), it’s essential that it is finely tuned to appeal to your market. Your brand should reflect your personality and your skill set, but everything should be filtered through the question “does this appeal to my target customers?” What qualities do your customers value? Is it a sense of humor? Is it a non-stop, relentless work ethic? Is it your ability to take complicated issues and turn them into black and white, common sense terms that make sense? Tailor your personal brand to attract your target customers, and bringing in new business will be easier than ever before.

As discussed above, there are many elements that go into a successful branding campaign. But every strong branding campaign will boost credibility, increase visibility, and appeals to its target market. Stay tuned later this month for more keys to creating personal branding campaigns that really work.