Don’t Leave Branding to the Celebrities

It’s hard to watch the news or surf the web these days without seeing headlines about Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, or some other celebrity. Surely you have noticed this—perhaps you’re even annoyed by this. But here is an interesting question for you… what if your business could dominate the headlines in the same way?

Now, it’s not terribly likely that any of us could pull headlines away from Justin Bieber. But then again, that’s not the objective for most of us. Business owners only need to become a celebrity within their market. For some of you, that may mean your town or your city. Others may have a larger market. But the point is simple: celebrities like Justin Bieber have figured out how to consistently reach their market—through a number of different channels. And if you can figure out how to utilize some of their “tricks”, you’ll dramatically increase the exposure your business receives. Here are some lessons that we can learn from these celebrities:

Reach your audience where they are. Many of today’s celebrities have a huge presence on social media—particularly on Twitter. Why? Because that’s where their fans are. By reaching out to them in their “native” environment, it’s easy to establish a consistent connection. You may determine that many of your customers and prospects spend time on Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn. If that is the case, you should create a presence there are well. Others may find that a better route to connecting with clients and potential clients is by attending trade conventions, networking events, or local clubs. There is no right or wrong answer—as long as you are reaching your audience!

Adopt a cause. Kim Kardashian supports the Skin Cancer Foundation, American Foundation for AIDS Research, and the Dream Foundation, among others. Now, first and foremost, this is a good thing to do. It’s also a great way to generate additional exposure both for herself and for the cause. Consider this approach—look for a local cause or charity that you truly believe in, and find a way to participate. Not only is this a great thing to do, but it gives you the opportunity to make headlines through your charitable work.

Tailor your brand to your audience. Justin Bieber has gone through a major evolution over the past several months, as he matures into a more “adult” look and sound. Do you think that this was accidental? Of course not. Bieber and his team understand that his audience is changing and that, if he is to maintain his appeal, his brand will have to evolve. Fortunately, most businesses don’t need to “change their look” every couple of years—but they do need to pay every bit as much attention to their audience as Bieber does. If your brand, your products, your services, or your message no longer resonate with your audience… it’s time for a change. Pay close attention to your market and your customers—and make sure that your brand is relevant to them.

Hollywood celebrities have mastered the art of generating publicity and exposure for themselves. How can your business follow their lead? Feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to learn more!