Does Your Personal Brand Reflect YOU?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to personal branding. You need to consider your customers and what they want. You need to consider what the competition is doing. You certainly need to identify a plan for leveraging your personal brand in order to maximize your profitability. And we are just scratching the surface.

But sometimes, because of how busy we all are and how complex the subject of branding can be, it is easy to lose sight of the basics. Today, we are going to look at a question which is absolutely critical to building a successful personal brand – yet often overlooked. That question is… does your personal brand reflect YOU?

It’s easy to get lost in creating a brand that you think your customers will want, that will separate you from the competition, and that will be profitable. These are all very important issues that must be considered. But if your brand doesn’t reflect YOU… it’s all a waste, because the brand won’t feel authentic and it won’t resonate with your market. Below are five things that your brand should reflect:

1) Your unique skills and abilities. What makes you different? What are you good at? The answer to these questions often reveals why you went in to business to begin with, and this topic should be front and center in your brand! Make sure your market understands what is special about YOU!

2) Your background. How did your background shape you and your business? Did you spend years “learning the ropes” of your industry? Have you lectured and written books? Did you have a personal experience that ignited your passion for whatever it is that you do? People love a good story, and your background is a key part of your story. So tell it!

3) Your hobbies. Besides work, what else are you involved in? Do you volunteer your time in a non-profit, or perhaps serve at your church? You are more than your job… so let your audience get to know what you do on your own time as well. This fills out your personal brand and makes you much more believable and relatable.

4) Your personal interests. We just talked about your hobbies—now let’s talk about additional likes and dislikes? Are you a sports fan? A music enthusiast? A cigar aficionado? Share your interests, talk about the baseball game last night, or the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Let people get to know the real you!

5) Your personality. Finally, what about your personality? Your sense of humor? Your constant optimism? Your level of intensity? (Or how laid back you are!) These characteristics, and many more, define you as a person. They define how others view you and how they interact with you. And they should be a defining element of your personal brand. So make sure you incorporate your personality into your brand!

At the end of the day, if your brand doesn’t reflect you, it’s not going to feel authentic. And it’s not going to resonate with your audience. So ask yourself… does your personal brand reflect YOU? If not, get busy!