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About JW DicksJ.W. Dicks, Esq. is America’s foremost authority on personal branding to become the Expert in your business or professional niche to attract more clients and accelerate business growth. He has developed some of the most successful business marketing campaigns using strategic media to make Experts the Celebrity in their field and built multi-million dollar businesses on the back their recognized status.
JW shares with his clients why “Celebrity Branding You®”, the title of his Best-Selling book, is critical to separate yourself from all of the competition in your marketplace. By becoming the Expert brand, and even the Celebrity Expert, you become the person people want to do business with and they also become less focused on what you charge and more focused on what you deliver.
JW will show you how all entrepreneurs and professionals can profit from personal branding. A printer for instance can change their position from “printer” to “trusted expert advisor on using print to build business”. An office cleaning company can become an expert at “creating environmentally safe work space”. A vacation home real estate agent can become the “expert in vacation experiences”. While these are just a few short examples they each show you how a change of position can elevate your status in the minds of prospects that is different from all of the others in that market competing for the same prospect.
Once JW helps you create your Expert Brand and change your marketplace position, he shows you how to build your credibility and celebrity status in your niche through media appearances helping clients get quoted in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and television affiliates such as ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. In fact, JW can’t necessarily get you on Oprah but he can get you your own 5 minute show during Oprah with the same audience she has, even in your own local market.
How about becoming a Best Selling Author? Many people think this is an impossible goal but JW has help hundreds of people achieve the status, title and induction into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. His clients not only go to New York to receive their award but their name appears in lights on the Time Square Marquee. Clients believe this not only elevates their position in their niche but gives them lifetime credentials to build their business on.
If you have any questions about becoming a credible Celebrity Expert in your market, please contact Lisa, my administrative assistant for over 20 years, and she will arrange a no obligation conference call to discuss your particular situation. You can reach Lisa by emailing LKepics@DicksNanton.com or by caller her direct line at 1-800-980-1626.

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